luna willow bridal

Our Luna Willow Bridal Collection from Australia is designed for the modern, cool, uninhibited brides. Launched in late 2018 fresh onto the scene we’re all about creating unique gowns for the modern brides in celebrating and embracing their individuality. By using exquisite, exclusively-sourced fabrics we practice premium workmanship to create flattering fits & sexy silhouettes for the über chic bride. Our collection consists of over 23 gowns that can be customised to suit individual bride’s taste, with luxe laces, beaded tulle, textured fabric and minimalistic clean silk crepe lines - it is for the romantic wanderers, for the wild at heart, for the modern daring and chic edgy babes.  The Luna Willow brand caters to these women – bringing them their one-of-a-kind gown to fulfill their dreams on the day they say ‘I do’ …  Luna Willow Bridal was made to celebrate everything about OUR BRIDAL BABES.

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