Lakum, a Brooklyn based atelier, is cultivating a new luxury in the wedding dress market. By catering to a bride’s every fashion need, Lakum disrupts the conventional norm by offering women a Suite of Looks for their wedding weekend. A brand that celebrates exquisite custom fabrications and handcrafted trims, the line is designed for the bride seeking to express her individuality. Inspired by haute couture, Lakum’s atypical dresses are classic but modern, traditional yet contemporary.

Strong. Sophisticated. Inspired


Lakum, a brand whose mien is born of high-fashion roots and cultural inspiration, is the brainchild of Sathya Balakumar and Heather Green. Sathya, a graduate from Parsons, The New School for Design and Heather, holding a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami, combined their backgrounds in design and sales to create Lakum. Through their mutual dedication to modern couture, they created a brand tailored for brides seeking a set of unique looks for their wedding weekend.

The duo established the brand's identity through mixing feminine silhouettes with hard detailing. Infusing heritage with modernity, Lakum's designs are notable for their focus on detail, movement and construction. Exquisite handcrafting techniques contribute to the luxuriousness and ingenuity of each dress. Using only the finest of fabrications, each piece is developed and produced exclusively in Brooklyn. The collection can be experienced online at and at specialty retailers worldwide.