Gwendolynne crafts luxury vintage and Art Deco inspired gowns choosing each detail, each bead, technique and thread to create a unique embellishment exclusive to the label. With over 25 years experience crafting made to measure pieces, Gwendolynne’s styling is sensual, romantic and effortlessly elegant. Designed and made in Melbourne using the highest quality fabrics, Gwendolynne creates both made to measure gowns locally and also for international clients ordering online which ensures the collection is available to brides worldwide.


Gwendolynne Burkin has established herself as one of Australia’s fashion purists; she works with intuition, avoids fashion trends, and remains true to her own sense of style and obsession with creating beautiful unique, vintage style designs.

Gwendolynne’s design approach explores tradition in a modern context, each collection evolving in a well-versed blend of historical references.
Combining delicate fabric with antique-style trimmings, Gwendolynne’s pieces are ladylike without appearing over the top – the styling is elegant, sensual and romantic. Gwendolynne’s intuitive approach to her work has resulted in a unique signature look with details that include luxurious couture hand embellishment (some featuring fresh water pearls and Swarovski crystals) and exclusive fabrics (such as French, Swiss and Italian lace).

Gwendolynne’s relentless pursuit of timeless beauty appeals to contemporary brides who want to invest in designs that can be worn again. To complete the look, headpieces, veils, shoes and accessories can also be created. Long-term collaborator milliner Richard Nylon is situated exclusively at Gwendolynne’s salon and can tailor pieces to coordinate perfectly with Gwendolynne’s designs.

“I love working with beautiful exclusive fabrics and designing my own embellishments. My design philosophy is to create timeless beauty; I choose to work in small quantities in order to maintain quality, exclusivity and longevity.”