Established since 2006 with local and international skills and expertise in the industry, Grew & Co continues to strive to give exemplary service to their client’s as the foundation of their family business.


Grew & Co, formally known as August + Pemberton, offers diversity throughout our range of bespoke high quality custom fine jewellery and accessories.

Simon Grew has made his mark as one of the leading jewellery artisans in Australia. Quality, service and craftsmanship underpin Grew & Company we view the custom process as a collaboration and each client provides us a new opportunity to do what we love.  Although our origin is born from tradition we continually look for materials like Prehistoric Ivory and super alloys like Tantalum to evolve creatively.

Over the years we have been able to perfect many techniques that sadly are becoming lost to the ages like hand engraving, inlay and Mokume Gane; and ancient Japanese metalworking technique originally used as an adornment on samurai swords. Over many years we have worked on perfecting the mokume process and become the finest artisans of the technique in Australia.