diane lewis

Diane Lewis is one of Australia’ most esteemed Couture Designers.Known for her meticulous fit,finish, detail and cutting edge Styling. Diane is passionate about ‘Slow Fashion’ ,and all her gowns are made in Australia.

 She will be debuting with her latest DLC Collection:Sheer Idulgence’. A range of modern refined silhouettes,created in Stunning Fabrics  and details reminiscent of a bygone era. In addition to her latest Capsule of MATHESON +Me :an innovation in Boho-Luxe Styling.Ac Collection specifically created for the more relaxed unrestrained Bride who would prefer to elope or get married on an island paradise in a gown that has all the Bridal elements of a Wedding Gown with a Boho-esque feel

For appointments: gowns@dianelewiscouture.com.au