Every place on earth houses a few women unlike the rest.
They are vagabonds and free spirits. The dreamers and the starry eyed. They come from a generation of non-traditionalists, casting aside the princess illusion of yesteryear in exchange for just simply being....themselves. Daughters Of Simone is dedicated to these
types because they inspire us to see living in a whole new way.
They are our kind of girls. The modern outsiders, bound to freedom with the spirit of rebellion.


California bred sisters Ashley and Brit Castanos design with the romantic & unique bride in mind. Using vintage elements and inspiration from 1970's muses, their collections are comprised of intricate crochets laces, feminine scalloped trims and sweeping long trains. Simone de Beauvoir's free thinking spirit embodies the life of everything they do at Daughters of Simone, lending her hand to each brides sense
of individuality and sense of self.

“Romance and antique lace, blossom trees and billowy sleeves…this is what young
love should feel like.”

 - Daughters Of Simone